Nepal listed in National Geographic Best Destination to visit in 2016

  Apr 20th, 2016   |   Pramod Shrestha

The world famous tourism publication, “National Geographic Traveler” have listed Nepal as one of the must visit places in 2016.

The publication has listed Nepal in 6th number that should not be missed in 2016. “Due to the devastating earthquake the number of tourists going to Nepal has decreased by 85% but also Nepal is safe to visit and ready for the business”, the magazine states, Nepal is one of the most suitable places for volunteering and adventure tourism as well.

The people looking forward to visit in 2016 mostly westerners, the Traveler’s list will surely force them to think again.

While the number of tourists coming to Nepal have declined sharply due to the earthquake, the recommendation of prestigious magazine will surely inspire the tourists to visit Nepal in 2016.

Among the 16 places recommended by National Geographic Traveler’s list Iran is listed as number one in its British edition.